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As a child grew up poor and always felt that the ability to obtain free education was gift and a blessing. I was always happy to go to school and enjoyed the process of obtaining new knowledge. My heart has always wanted to repay this gift. That is why it is my passion to be a leader and teacher in health, wellness, geography and the human experience. 


My passion is to bring together leaders, teachers, and community members to learn from each other. We often do not have the ability to experience positive interactions and express our emotions in a safe space. My goal is to create and teach others how to create a safe spaces to experience movement, breath work, meditation, conversation etc. in a community space. 


Yoga has helped me on my journey of discovery. It has helped me stay balanced throughout college, work, and my young adult life. Yoga draws much of its information from its sister science of Ayurveda, one of the oldest holistic sciences, over five thousand years old. I will forever be a student, but feel it is my duty to share and teach others about my journey so stay in touch. Yoga is about connection to everything that is and isn't, connection to your self and others, and connection to something greater. Because of its deep roots, its has led its way through many "fads" however, its effects are unavoidable.


My Story

My name is Troy Phounsavath. I was born in Tarzana, CA, a “hoppa ” child, from a Laotian father and mixed European mother. I spent the majority of his childhood growing up in San Fernando Valley, CA until the end of eighth grade. Afterwards, my family and I caravanned north to Redding, CA where I completed high school. Currently I am in pursuit of his B.S. in Anthropology & Geography from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where I enjoy living, working, and teaching yoga. 



Before yoga came into my life I was a gymnast and cheerleader, both the student and coach roles for five years. I was first exposed to yoga at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in California where I studied Anthropology and Geography. The recreation center hosted a variety of yoga classes, however vinyasa and AcroYoga classes intrigued me most. I began to attend them regularly, at least twice a week, until my interest began to lead me outside of the free classes provided by the college. After about three years of practice I made the decision to complete my 200hr yoga teacher certification through YogaMazé taught by Rocky Heron and Peach Friedman. Since, I have been teaching a variety of yoga classes such as donation-based, restorative AcroYoga, and privates. It is my passion to lead and teach others about holistic health and wellness with a focus around community, education and AcroYoga.

What is AcroYoga?

AcroYoga is a beautiful practice that combines the dynamic wisdom of acrobatics, the awareness, breath and balance of yoga and the healing, loving nature of Thai massage. 

Maybe you’ve seen a cool video or picture on social media, or someone doing it at the park and you want to know what it is? How are they doing it? Where can I try it without making a huge investment? Am i even capable of doing that? I’ve created Acro Lab to answer all of these questions, however, the answer to the last one is YES YOU CAN!




Sunday, August 26 | $5

10AM-12PM | Mitchell Park San Luis Obispo, CA

AcroLab is an gathering of people of ALL LEVELS. The goal is to provide a low-risk and SAFE space for you to explore your interests in movement, trust building, and community.

LAB will begin with a short introduction to AcroYoga. We will approach the language that follows the practice and gain a basic understanding of the roles of the BASE, FLYER, SPOTTER. SAFETY will be a VERY important aspect of our practice that will be weaved throughout and we will often come back to. Then there will be a warm up with solo and partner exercises. Afterwards we will acknowledge the energetic effects of AcroYoga, differentiating the SOLAR and LUNAR practices by experimenting in our own bodies. At the end there will be a community meditation to INTEGRATE and REFLECT on our experience. 

Spiritual Warrior


In this powerful vinyasa class you will embody heroes and warriors to combat self-ignorance, build strong foundations in your warrior postures, and demystify the meaning behind the creation of Virabhadra, Siva’s spiritual warrior.